Top 5 HVAC Companies in Chicago IL

HVAC systems need to be regularly repaired and maintained for maximum efficiency. Whether your system is not working properly or you are looking for a repair service, you can find the best one with the help of this list.

These HVAC in Chicago IL provide installation, repairs and maintenance services. They also offer a variety of financing options.

Aircor Heating and Air Conditioning

Aircor Heating and Air Conditioning is an established brand in HVAC repair. The company provides high-quality products and premium service at a reasonable price. Their team is happy to answer any questions you may have about their services.

Furnaces heat homes by burning gas, oil, or propane to produce hot water or steam that circulates through radiators and baseboards. ENERGY STAR-certified boilers use less energy than standard models.

All Temp Heating & Air Conditioning

Provides HVAC repairs on all makes and models of furnaces, air conditioning units and ductless systems. They also work on a variety of in-home systems, including air purifiers and water heaters. Online reviews praise their affordable rates, flexible financing options and helpful customer service representatives.

Uneven cooling in different rooms of your home can be a sign that you have a leaky air duct. Having your ductwork cleaned and replacing filters regularly can help resolve this issue.

FC Heating & Cooling

FC Heating & Cooling is a family-owned business and is committed to providing high-quality work at a reasonable price. Their team is highly experienced and professional. They specialize in repair, service, and installation of a wide variety of HVAC equipment.

The one thing you don’t have when your HVAC system breaks down is time. You need an engineer to come quickly, do the job properly and charge a fair price.

House of Heat

Heat pumps are smarter, cleaner alternatives to traditional furnaces. They extract and move heat energy that’s already in the air in your home. They’re also up to 3 times more efficient than traditional heating systems.

The City of Chicago’s Heat Ordinance requires landlords and employers to supply indoor workspaces with heating equipment that meets minimum requirements. Residents and workers can file complaints about lack of heat by calling 3-1-1.

Reeder Heating and Cooling

A new HVAC system can increase the resale value of an investment property. However, it requires regular preventive maintenance to avoid safety hazards and expensive repairs.

Reeder Heating and Cooling has been providing HVAC solutions across Chicago since 1922. Its team can perform air duct repair and replacement, air leak detection, and heating installation. Customers praise their attentiveness and honesty. They are also available 24/7 for emergency services.

Thornton Heating Service Inc.

This company has been providing residential and commercial HVAC solutions since 1959. Its technicians perform repairs, installations, and maintenance on all major brands of equipment. The company also offers indoor air quality improvement services.

Keeping your HVAC system in good working condition helps minimize energy waste and improves the longevity of your unit. Central and decentralized systems should be serviced in the spring and fall to lubricate moving parts and check refrigerant levels.

Y-tech Heating & Air Conditioning

A HVAC technician can fix problems like strange noises and odors and help property owners save money on utilities. They may also perform routine maintenance to lubricate moving parts and detect any potential problems before they become serious.

Shavitz HVAC offers 24/7 repair services and installation of air conditioners, heaters, carbon monoxide detectors, and ductwork sealing with Aeroseal. They offer a lifetime workmanship warranty and free estimates.

Around the Town Heating & Cooling

Around the Town Heating & Cooling is a family-run business that provides air conditioning repair and installation services. They have a team of experienced technicians that is equipped to handle standard and ductless systems. They also specialize in installing boilers and furnaces, as well as snow melt appliances.

They are an EPA-certified company that specializes in heating and cooling solutions. They offer maintenance contracts to help homeowners save money on their utility bills.

Browns Heating and Cooling

The technicians at Browns Heating and Cooling install air conditioning units in homes and offer maintenance services for central AC systems. They also repair issues like strange odors and noises, duct leaks, and worn components. They clean up their work areas after every job.

The employees at Wantuck Comfort Solutions have rigorous hiring procedures and only employ experienced HVAC technicians. They provide maintenance and installation services for residential and commercial customers.